Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL skins, Pre-order now!

Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL skins, Pre-order now!

October 18, 2016

Google PixelThe Pixel made by Google is due for launch very soon and as a result you know what's coming from us! High quality, precision-cut skins that will add xtreme style and protection to your new Google phone.

If you've pre-ordered the Google Pixel (like us) then get your pre-orders in for our skins and start protecting your phone from the off!

It's been a great couple of months in the technology world and there's a wealth of great phones that are now on the market, thankfully only one of them has decided to explode. (Samsung we are looking at you!)

While our skins don't protect against explosions they do protect against scratches, fingerprints and surface water. So if you're buying the Google Pixel it's a no brainer really.

Google Pixel Red Carbon Skin

Google are promoting their Pixel with the strap line 'two sizes, two colours' how about if we turned that into 'two sizes, 43 colours'. The options with us are endless and once we have the phone in our possession we'll be looking to add some really cool custom features along with our full colour wraps.

Whether it's the Google Pixel or Pixel XL that you've ordered, we have them both covered, what are you waiting for? Style it your way today!