Why choose XtremeSkins?

Who are we?

We are XtremeSkins, a company that prides ourselves on providing you with perfectly fitted vinyl skins for all of your electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles, computers, laptops and much, much more.

Each skin template is laser cut to the micromillimeter by our highly experienced in-house design team. That's why we offer a no quibble, money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with the skin you have purchased.

What is a skin?

Some of you may have arrived here for the first time and never seen our skin products. So "what is a skin?" you may ask. Well, briefly, a skin is an extremely effective way to protect and personalise all of your electronic devices:-
  • Protect your device from scuffs, scratches, dust and dirt. Which will also help to retain your devices value if you ever come to sell it in the future
  • Personalise your device by changing it's colour, texture and all round appearance, making your phone different and unique to you. Style it your way! 

We only use industry leading materials

All of our products are manufactured and distributed from the UK. We only use top quality materials that are sourced from industry leading manufactures such as 3M, KPMF & Hexis.

Locally manufactured, globally distributed

Even though our skins are made in the UK it doesn't mean that you have to miss out on our top quality products. We want to take XtremeSkins global and luckily for you, we are already shipping worldwide.

Important Information Sheet

Some of our skins require a 'wet' install and we supply application fluid (a.k.a xtreme juice) to help with the application. We do urge caution and sensibility when using, so please take a look at our important information sheet for further details.