Custom Nintendo Switch Skins


Custom Nintendo Switch Skins

We've covered the Nintendo Switch with our full colour wraps but we've also got our custom Nintendo Switch skins available. This is where you can really switch up the style! Mix and match skins with our custom option allowing you to create the ultimate, personalised Nintendo Switch console.

We have a wide variety of premium textured skins ranging from carbon fibre, brushed metal, gloss, matt, wood and leather which come in a range of highly detailed and vivid colours.

Pre-order today and be the envy of your gaming friends and stand out from the crowd in style with XtremeSkins.

Custom Nintendo Switch Skin Details

• These skins ONLY fit the Nintendo Switch console
• Covers the dock, controller and screen surround 
• Our vinyls can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched with a hair dryer
• We use high quality glue that does no harm to your console and doesn't leave any residual glue after removal
• Back of the vinyl comes with air release, making it easy to wrap and refuse air bubbles
• Protects your console from UV rays, dirt, grease and surface water
• Alcohol wipes are included to ensure perfect adhesion to your console

Shipping Information

Worldwide Shipping

We deliver our skins to every country in the world. Please view our shipping details for further information.