iPhone Curved Edged Screen Protector


iPhone 6/6s Curved Edged Glass Screen Protector

Add one of our Curved Edged Glass Screen Protectors to your iPhone 6/6s for the ultimate added protection. Available in two colours, black and white.


Curved Edged Glass Screen Protector Details

• Scratch Proof - tested to withstand keys, knives and drills
• 2.5D Curved Edge - smooth edges around the perimeter and speaker/home key openings for a feel that’s just like your own screen - but infinitely more protective
• 9H Hardness - 9H hardness and Ultra Slim Thickness: 9H and only 0.3mm thick, three times stronger than a regular PET Screen Protector film
• Full HD - Glass Edition Screen Protectors are super clear, so once applied it feels and looks just like your normal screen without impairing brightness or clarity
• Shatter Proof - triple layer composition for peace of mind and equal force distribution, proven technology to prevent your valuable screen shattering