Popular Phone skins

iPhone skins

Take your iphone to a whole new level.

Samsung skins

Give your galaxy a little more personality.

Google Pixel skins

Make your pixel look more perfect.

Headphone skins

XtremeSkins provides stylish and protective skins for your headphones that won't add any extra bulk. Our skins also allow your headphones to maintain their full range of functions.

Laptop skins

Macbook skins

Elevate Your Mac Experience.

Dell XPS skins

Infuse Your Dell with a Touch of Individuality.

Microsoft skins

Transform Your Surface into a Sleek Stone Masterpiece.

iPad and Accessory skins

iPad skins

Take your tablet to a whole new level.

Magic keyboard skins

Give your keyboard a little more personality.

Apple Pencil skins

Make your pencil look more like a pencil.

If you like the slim profile of your phone but wish that it had a little bit more texture to grip, or a little bit of scratch protection, XtremeSkins are a great option.

— The Guardian

The quality of the vinyl seems excellent, and the company's communication, shipping, and execution of the product leave me without any criticism.

— Windows Central

Why should you buy one of these skins? While XtremeSkins isn’t the only option on the market, you’re getting quality skins here with some big advantages.

— 9to5Google

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