Samsung Galaxy S8 Black Carbon Skins

Samsung have finally launched their flagship S8 and S8+ smartphones and we must say they're stunning in both their design and application.

But you'll want to protect them from those surface scratches a.s.a.p. and you know that's the reason why we exist. To provide the ultimate in scratch protection, while providing xtreme style and customisation.

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 we've also gone a step further in providing you with the ultimate protection.

We now have a Glass M, edge-to-edge tempered glass screen protector and for those who insist on having a case, we've added a TPU gel case that will still allow you to show off your customised phone while adding that extra layer of protection.

If you like what you see below then come get our S8 and S8+ skins

Brushed Titanium

Samsung Galaxy S8 Brushed Titanium Skins
Samsung Galaxy S8 Brushed Titanium Skins

Matt Black

Samsung Galaxy S8 Matt Black Skins
Samsung Galaxy S8 Matt Black Skins

Pink Carbon

Samsung Galaxy S8 Pink Carbon Skins
Samsung Galaxy S8 Pink Carbon Skins

Brushed Aluminium

Samsung Galaxy S8 Brushed Aluminium Skins
Samsung Galaxy S8 Brushed Aluminium Skins

Honor 8 Pro Black Carbon Fibre Skins

We've had an exciting week here at XtremeSkins and it's all thanks to Honor UK for hooking us up with their unreleased Honor 8 Pro, which is due to become their new flagship phone.

We have managed to strike up a collaboration with Honor, that will allow us to be first to the market with all their future releases. And it's fair to say that this is a BIG deal for a growing company like ours.

Early access means that the Honor 8 Pro has been given the full XtremeSkins treatment and our precision-cut templates are complete. So there's no need to pre-order or wait to get your phone protected. Buy today and you'll have our skins shipped out immediately and you can start protecting your Honor 8 Pro from day one!

The Honor 8 Pro is a lovely looking phone and you'll want to protect it from those surface scratches a.s.a.p. and you know that's the reason why we exist. To provide the ultimate in scratch protection, while providing xtreme style and customisation.

If you like what you see below then come get our Honor 8 Pro skins 

WARNING! The below images may make your eyes a little wet…

Matt Black

Honor 8 Pro Matt Black SkinsHonor 8 Pro Matt Black Skins

Brushed Aluminium

Honor 8 Pro Brushed Aluminium Skins
Honor 8 Pro Brushed Aluminium Skins

Ultra Marine Gloss

Honor 8 Pro Ultra Marine Gloss Skins
Honor 8 Pro Ultra Marine Gloss Skins

Matt Green

Honor 8 Pro Matt Green Skins
Honor 8 Pro Matt Green Skins

We've all had to wait a little while (some might say an age) for the launch of some NEW MacBook Pro's but Apple finally announced that they're on the way last night.

MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro is faster and more powerful than before and somewhat thinner and lighter.

Apple are also telling us that the MacBook Pro has "the brightest, most colourful display ever". So why not make your MacBook the most eye-catching too with our custom, precision-cut MacBook Pro skins.

MacBook Pro Skins

We have a vast array of colours and textures that will suit the majority of your tastes.

So, as soon as you have one of those beautifully crafted MacBook's in your possession, just holla!

MacBook Pro

Keep your eye's peeled for our pre-orders VERY SOON!
Google PixelThe Pixel made by Google is due for launch very soon and as a result you know what's coming from us! High quality, precision-cut skins that will add xtreme style and protection to your new Google phone.

If you've pre-ordered the Google Pixel (like us) then get your pre-orders in for our skins and start protecting your phone from the off!

It's been a great couple of months in the technology world and there's a wealth of great phones that are now on the market, thankfully only one of them has decided to explode. (Samsung we are looking at you!)

While our skins don't protect against explosions they do protect against scratches, fingerprints and surface water. So if you're buying the Google Pixel it's a no brainer really.

Google Pixel Red Carbon Skin

Google are promoting their Pixel with the strap line 'two sizes, two colours' how about if we turned that into 'two sizes, 43 colours'. The options with us are endless and once we have the phone in our possession we'll be looking to add some really cool custom features along with our full colour wraps.

Whether it's the Google Pixel or Pixel XL that you've ordered, we have them both covered, what are you waiting for? Style it your way today!
iPhone 7 Plus

We are highly anticipating the launch of the iPhone 7 here at Xtremeskins. The Apple keynote event gave us all the final confirmation that we need on the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus.

One of things that stood out, was that the new iPhone 7, whichever model you choose is going to be like a bar of soap and prone to fingerprints and scratches. So you know what to do right? It's the reason we exist, we provide skins with xtreme style and protection for all your electronic devices.

We are hoping to pre-order the device a.s.a.p which will then allow us to get our skins to you pretty much from launch day.

iPhone 7 Airpods

Our pre-order service for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus skins is live! So you can start protecting that sweet ass device from day one!

Stay tuned for updates and as you all know there's no better source than the official Apple site.
Xbox One S White Leather Skin

Microsoft have launched their new sleek, slim, sharp new console, the 'Xbox One S'.

As you may have gathered by now, we love gaming here at XtremeSkins and we are pleased to say that we have Microsoft's new console in our hands. We are the first skin company to launch our vast variety of skins for the Xbox One S.

Xbox One S Light Oak Wood Skin

Our Xbox One S skins come with a 15% discount, we appreciate that the investment on a new console isn't cheap and we'd like to do our bit to keep some money in your pocket. So don't delay on this limited time offer. Just use the code: XTREME15 at the checkout to claim your discount.

Xbox One S Black Carbon Skin

You can learn more about the official details and specifications via the Xbox website but you know what we are about here at XtremeSkins, premium quality skins that offer solid protection against scuffs, scratches and dust. The perfect combination for a sleek and desirable console.

Buy now with our full colour and custom skin options today!

macbook wood and matt black
We are in the process of adding side wraps to all our Macbook skins completely free :) You will also have the option to buy an accent kit (Trackpad & Sides) to create your own two-tone design, 13" Retina models now shipping with sides. Go ahead and make your Mac awesome!

LG G5 Skins now in stock

April 26, 2016

LG G5 Skins
So the new G5 is here, unfortunately the guys at LG didn't create there nicest handset in the market so go get yourself a skin, add an accent and make it awesome!
Buy LG G5 Skins

We're now stocking a range a gloss glitter skins for those who like a bit of bling in there lives, we've wrapped the beautiful new Galaxy S7 in glitter red. 



Samsung Galaxy S7 Red Gitter Skin


In the Queue for Sky Q?

February 25, 2016

Sky Q Skins & Wraps

Sky Q Wood Skin

Why not add one of our premium textured skins to match your decor?

From brushed metals, woods, leathers, carbon fibres & many more your sure to find one to compliment your living space - and we arethrowing in a free matching remote skin too :)