We are XtremeSkins, a family run business that prides ourselves on providing you with perfectly, fitted vinyl skins to help protect your electronic devices since 2013.

- Team XtremeSkins


Our skins can be easily removed, leaving minimal or no residue and as you can see, leaves your phone looking as good as new.

What is a skin?

If you've arrived here for the first time and never seen our skin products, you may be thinking to yourself "What is a skin?". Well, briefly, a skin is an extremely effective way to protect and personalise all of your electronic devices such as phones, laptops, consoles, iPads, headphones and so much more from scuffs, scratches, UV rays, dirt, grease and surface water, without adding the bulk and weight of a traditional case/cover.

Please note: If you have a pair of bomb hands and like to drop things, a skin may not be the most suitable product for you as they don't protect against high impact drops.

Why our skins?

Industry leading materials

We only use top quality materials that are sourced from industry leading manufactures such as 3M, KPMF.

Globally distributed

Even though our skins are crafted in the UK it doesn't mean you have to miss out on our service as we ship worldwide.

Customer satisfaction

We offer a no quibble, money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with the skin you have purchased.

The benefits of using our skins.

• Protects your devices from scuffs, scratches, dust and dirt. Which will also help to retain your devices value if you ever come to sell it in the future.

• Personalise your device by changing its colour, texture and all round appearance with our premium quality vinyl, making your tech different and totally unique to you. Style it your way today! 

Other companies do what we do. We just do it better.