iPhone 12 Pro Max Skins

iPhone 12 Pro Max Textured Matt Pink Skins

Custom iPhone 12 Pro Max Skins

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is here and it's taken us all back 6 years. So, if you're looking to customise and protect your iPhone and disguise the fact you're rocking around with a 6 year old body then you've come to the right place, as we have the best skins in the UK which enables you to fully customise and personalise your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

You can fully protect your phone from scuffs and scratches without compromising the funky design of the iPhone 12 Pro Max with our premium textured, precision-cut skins.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Textured Matt Light Blue Skins
Choose between a vast variety of premium quality skins ranging from clear, carbon fibre, brushed metal, gloss, matt, camo, textured matt, natural stone, wood and leather which come in a range of vivid and funky colours.

Choose your design
• Full Colour 
is our standard design and includes a one coloured skin for your iPhone 12 Pro Max
• Custom Colour 
will give you the ultimate customisation for your iPhone, you can mix and match colours and textures to provide a totally unique phone design

iPhone 12 Pro Max Red Carbon Fibre Skins

iPhone 12 Pro Max Skin Details

• These skins ONLY fit the iPhone 12 Pro Max
• Covers the back (part back) camera and sides
• Precision cut-outs for the logo, ports and buttons
• Our vinyls can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched with a hair dryer
• We use high quality glue that does no harm to your smartphone and doesn't leave any residual glue after removal
• Back of the vinyl comes with air release, making it easy to wrap and refuse air bubbles
• Protects your smartphone from scuffs, scratches, UV rays, dirt, grease and surface water
• Alcohol wipes are included to ensure perfect adhesion to your iPhone 12 Pro Max

Shipping Details

Worldwide Shipping

We deliver our skins to every country in the world. Please view our shipping details for further information.

If you've already purchased one of our iPhone 12 Pro Max skins

Learn How To Apply It

If you've purchased one of our iPhone 12 Pro Max clear skins, please watch this vid first as it requires a 'wet' installation

Clear Skins Install